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Materials Science for Visual Art​

Mediums of visual art offer a means of communicating ideas. Actuating mediums therefore add an additional layer of visual communication. The ability to manipulate material properties using the scientific method to enhance a visual piece of art therefore can lead to novel ways of visual interaction. Memento Mori, Latin for knowing one’s mortality, is the driving philosophy of ephemerality and as a result, the nature and fragility of materials. Incorporating material science techniques to actuate the natural phenomenon of photoluminescence, adds an additional layer of visual art to design. This also addresses the issues of longevity and fragility which allows artists and designers to create visual pieces that produce unique forms of interaction that elicit spontaneous speculation by the viewer.

New series: Learning to walk

Currently at the Boulder School of Fine Arts


This is the rather odd occurrence of spontaneous emission of light by a substance that isn't as a result of heat. As a result, luminescence is referred to as cold light.​ A luminescent materials applicability lies in its ability to transform invisible forms of energy to visible light.  Photoluminescence is a type of luminescence that occurs as a result of light absorption.


The emission of light (photons) caused by the absorption of light. This term can also be defined as the emission of light due to the irradiation of a substance by another light source/ electromagnetic radiation. The phenomenon includes fluorescence and phosphorescence under its umbrella and is the current focus on luminescent projects.

Learning to walk

A new painting series addressing loneliness. Because growing up sucks... but sucks a little less when you're not alone.

1. Connection

We reach out hoping to connect because we are inherently lonely creatures.

2. Incomplete part 1

An imperfect creature...

3. Incomplete part 2