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About Hydrogang Studio

Thank you for visiting our page! We're brothers working to create collaborative studio and gallery currently based in Georgia and Colorado, showcasing Rebmanth animations and its various characters by Samuel Kem (Rebmanth) as well as Atelier drawings and paintings by David Kem (m-dot). We are working to push our limits and expand our horizons in future projects.


I'm , "m-dot" (Muriithi-David Kem), a mechanical engineer at Sierra Space and artist based in Boulder, Colorado. I work along side Rebmanth to build this online gallery that you are all hopefully enjoying. My body of work consists of drawings, classical master studies and copies, academic atelier figure drawing, portrait  paintings, experimental pop art and a few landscapes. I'm currently training to master classical drawing at the Boulder School of Fine Arts.


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About Rebmanth

I'm Rebmanth (Waihenya-Samuel Kem), a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art design, majoring in animation with a 2D-concentration. I develop and conceptualize ideas into hand-drawn sketches, artwork or illustrations, character animations and environmental special effects in the creation of animated films. I collaborate and work closely with creative directors to design and develop 2D animation projects. I specialize both in traditional and digital animation. 


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Contact Info:

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