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In memory of the late Dr. Kem, a believer of talent expression, the following art pieces will be available for purchase to offset medical bills in Kenya and continue the legacy. 

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Welcome to Hydrogang Studio Commission! We offer digital and traditional art, plus special requests. Choose your art style, contact us, discuss details, receive a quote, approve and pay to start. Prices are in USD, payment in full is required upfront, and revisions are included. Shipping costs apply to traditional art. Email [] to get started!

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Thank you for visiting the studio page! I'm an Aerospace Engineering graduate from West Virginia University and Artist based in Kennesaw, Georgia. My body of work predominantly consists of drawings, classical master studies and copies, academic atelier figure drawing, portrait paintings and experimental pop art. I'm currently experimenting with different paints and mediums, exploring their potential and learning to master techniques in paint application as well as digital mediums. In the end, I'm a young artist looking to share my work. If you wanna support the work, feel free to throw some change to the studio and we shall be forever grateful!